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I have been breeding Terriers for over 40 years. Starting out when I was very young, with Miniature Fox Terriers. When I married and had children, we bought our first Jack Russell. Having the same out going nature, but with more stamina and a heavier body shape than the Mini Foxies. I was very taken by this small dog.                                       

I became a member of Dogs NSW, and decided to breed. Until now I had only smooth coats. In September 2004, I obtained my first hairy Jack Russell (Hope). Hope was mated to Macullen Jack Flash and produced 4 girls in this litter. I was talked into showing the girls as I had kept two from the litter (Mishka and Penny).

Our first show was at Cootamundra on 5th May 2005. Both girls took out first and second place on Saturday and Sunday, but on Sunday Penny went through to take out "Baby Puppy in Show". I was hooked. The rest is history.

In our breeding program, we strive to better the breed in all ways. Temperament, front end angles and short coupling, are all important to allow this little dog to do all it is bred for.

We still have a very strong smooth line as well as broken and rough coats.

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Susan Lemon  
YOUNG. NSW. 2594
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